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If you have been reading my blog from the beginning, you know that my path to cheaper groceries began with a challenge to reduce my grocery bill to $150/week (click here to learn how much you should be spending).  I took that challenge one step further and decided that I wasn’t going to accomplish that goal couponing.  I wanted to free up time so I could spend it with my family, and I personally feel that couponing takes up too much of it.

Today I am going to tell you about some cash back apps that give me the value of coupons, without needing a paper copy to pack around with me when I go shopping… I know some girls who are amazing at doubling up paper coupons with some of the apps I mention, but I stick to the apps primarily.

Cash Back


This is an app that you download to your phone, and it will list several digital coupons available for you and refreshes each week.  This is the app that I have received the most cash back from to date, and the app that has the most available offers to me each week.  It often has several coupons pertaining to babies, which is great for moms needing diapers, wipes, or formula. (checkout their website here)

The process  is fairly simple.  Just select the offers you would like to redeem for each receipt, take a photo of your receipt, and your account will keep track.  Once you hit $20 in redemptions, you can request a check.  I just received my first one and it is in the bank, so you can be assured this is legit.


This is an app that gives cash-back for certain items and surveys.  The surveys typically take about 15 seconds to complete, and offer a very small amount of cash back.  I am one of those people who enjoys filling out short surveys, so I don’t mind that the dollar value for them is fairly small.

Although the item selection is smaller than Checkout51, I find the cash-back value per item is often higher.  If they had slightly more variety, this would easily be my favorite app (find their website here).


If you do any online shopping at all, Ebates is for you! This is how it works:

So far it has been incredibly easy to use from the app, and I have earned $30 in my first two months and just got sent my first check.  If you are doing any online shopping for your kids, you can add stores like Old Navy, Gap, and Joe as favorites, which often have 5% or more cash back – this is what I do.

They offer rewards back quarterly and I just got an email telling me my first check is on its way, and my sister in law just got one for $60.

Interested? Click on the ebates icon to start your account.


This is an app that was recently recommended to me by a friend (thanks Paul!).  I have been testing it out this week and I am liking it so far.  It is not a cash-back app, but rather it allows you to collect points to Drop, Scene, Petro-Points, More Rewards or Aeroplan.  You get points for doing very short surveys, but also by linking your steps counter on your phone.  The more you walk, the more points you get.

It is an app that is trying to educate you and encourages healthy decisions. I am currently on a step challenge for points, once I hit a certain step count I will get bonus miles.

You get 50 bonus points for signing up or referring someone with a code (my code is nikkyg8477 if you want one).  Yes please I’ll take flight points for walking!

Apps that aren’t worth your time:

Zweet – I had this app on my phone twice, and deleted it both times.  While it does work for Canadians, I found there were not many offers on it, and the offers that were there, were not what I am typically shopping for.  The reviews I read for it said that the offers don’t refresh often enough, and there wasn’t enough variety to keep me sticking around.

Swagbucks – This is another app that I have uploaded and deleted twice.  I have heard a few local moms who like this one, but I find that I can’t get the surveys to load properly, and they take up far too much time to be worth the hassle to me.  I will stick with my go-to apps for now, they seem to be working well for what I am trying to achieve, and I won’t feel any guilt for leaving this one deleted.

Drop – This is another cash-back app of sorts, but it relies heavily on you referring other people to the program so that you can get your awards.  Awards are paid back in the form of gift cards.  I do know people who use this program and like it, but it requires linking your banking information and I don’t think it is worth the personal risk to do so.  A common complaint in the reviews is that your banking information becomes disconnected frequently, and the whole idea makes me nervous.  Feel free to look into it yourself, but my personal view of this one is very wary.


Hopefully you discovered something that will work well for you, If there are apps I need to try, leave them in the comments below:)

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      No I am not, I really need to update this list. I have heard that people who can use it for petro points love it, but I am not liking it anymore personally. I am testing out a few new ones, so I will have to put those out soon.

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