Quarterly Debt Update and Momentum Month Reflections

Our very first Momentum Month is over, and I am doing some self-reflections on how it went, as well as rolling it into a quarterly debt update.  I will be honest in sharing with you that I am disappointed with the final numbers, but in that disappointment there were many lessons learned, and I want to share them.

Momentum Month – A Mid-month update

We are half-way through our first ever Momentum Month, and I wanted to update you in on the “half-way-ish” mark.  Hint Hint: lets hope the last half sees our hard work paying off.

Grocery Haul for Momentum Month

I am not sure about you, but I am really curious how people on a tight budget grocery shop.  When we were looking to cut our grocery bill, I thought that it would be impossible to get it less than $800/month, but I was wrong.   I wanted to share my most recent grocery haul with you, so you can see …