How to financially prepare for maternity leave in Canada

We are incredibly blessed here in Canada to be able to take a long maternity leave to be home with our babies. This can be a time of amazing bonding with your baby, but for many it is a stressful experience with the addition of a much reduced family income and financial strain.

What is the Canadian Child Benefit and How Should I Use it?

If you are new to parenthood you may not know about the Candian Child benefit, but in oder to start making the most of it, you should make a plan for your money before it starts arriving in your account. This post is all about the ways that you can use the CCB to benefit your family the most.

How to teach your child the value of money

We have been working hard to teach our children about the value of money, and I have often felt lost during our debt repayment at how to include them in it because I want them to learn from what we are doing. So tonight I am diving into some of the ways that I am trying to raise kids who …

Our Debt Payoff Plan

I have been asked a lot lately about what plan we are using for debt repayment and why, so I thought it might be a good idea to lay it out clearly in a blog post.

How to Back-to-School Shop On A Budget, the Ultimate Guide

For those of you who are just joining the blog, my husband and I are working to pay of $52,000 thousand dollars in debt, so everything in our life is done on a shoestring budget including back-to-school shopping. This is everything I have learned about how to get it done as cheaply as possible. How to back-to-school shop on a …