Grocery Haul for Momentum Month

I am not sure about you, but I am really curious how people on a tight budget grocery shop.  When we were looking to cut our grocery bill, I thought that it would be impossible to get it less than $800/month, but I was wrong.   I wanted to share my most recent grocery haul with you, so you can see how the savings really start to add up fast.  So, here it is, our latest grocery bill…

The total:

Our grocery bill totaled $117.80  this week, scraping by just under our $120/week budget for momentum month.  I did also get some multivitamins for our kids, for an additional $10.99 – which I don’t include in our grocery budget.  This brought our grand total for my shop today up to $128.79.

The Breakdown:

Watch the sales.

I use an app called Flipp to access all my local flyers while I am shopping, which allows me to price match any item in store.  One of the downfalls of this, is that they will only price match if there is a specific price listed.  So, for today, that meant that I could not price match the “Buy One, Get One” deals at Safeway, and instead had to shop two stores.

The “Buy One, Get One” sale at Safeway had soft tortilla shells and cheese on for a decent price, so I stocked up on both.  I got 4 packages of cheese shreds, and 2 packages of tortillas.  This side trip cost me $19.27 and it saved me the same amount.

**Total savings from jumping on that sale = $19.27**


I was shocked today by the amount of groceries that I was able to price match.  The poor lady at the till looked a little exasperated with me there for a minute, but it did save me a good chunk of change.   I price matched the following items:

Butter – regular price $6.50 – $2.97 (price match price) x 2 = $ 7.06 saved

Mio lemonade – regular price $3.77 – $3.50 (matched) = $0.27 Saved

Eggs – regular price $2.89 – $2.29 (matched) x 3 = $1.80 Saved

Disney Multivitamins – regular price $15.99 – $10.99 (matched) = $5.00 Saved

Cinnabon creamer – $2.97 – $1.99 x 2 (matched) = $1.96 Saved

**Total amount saved using price-matching = 16.09**

Cash-Back Rewards

So, I have to really put a plug in here for PC Optimum Points.  They have saved me a TON in groceries this year, and this week is no exception.  I cashed out 30,000 points, which is the equivalent of $30.00.  BUT!  There was a points reward offer of 15, 000 points if you spent more than $100 in store, which I did.

So not only did I get $30 off of my grocery bill this week, I also earned $15 off my grocery bill to use another day.  Free groceries?!?! Yes please!

**Total savings for today by using points = $30.00**

Knowing your price points

I cannot say enough about getting a good idea about what your groceries cost.  If you don’t pay attention to price points, you need to!  I will give you three great examples of this from my shop today:

1. Strawberries cost roughly $4.99/lb out of season.  Today they were on sale for $1.87/lb only at No Frills, which is obviously amazing, so I stocked up!  This meant that I saved $6.24 on strawberries alone.

This leads me to another point.  Those same strawberries were listed as $4.99 AS THE SALE PRICE at another store.  Just because a store lists something as a sale item, does not mean that it is a good buy!  Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention!  Seriously, it drives me crazy.  I stopped shopping at Save-On-Foods almost completely because their “sale price” is never actually a bargain.

2. Grapes are another one of those things that you really have to watch.  They are outlandishly expensive, and so when they dip down into the affordable range, I stock up.  Grapes are typically around $4.00/lb out of season here, and today they were on for $1.97/lb – I bought 2.57lbs.  This saved me roughly $5.22 in grapes.

3. My last example is oranges.  Typically you can get oranges on a great price for less than $1.00/lb.  Today I didn’t see any of the varieties my family likes for less than $1.50/lb so I held off for today, but will keep them on my list for next week.

**Total savings from knowing when things are a good stock up price = $11.46**

Last but not least, using my cash-back apps.

I will readily admit that the savings from my apps today is pretty abysmal, but I don’t scoff at just a dollar here, or a dollar there, because it adds up faster than you might think.

So today I was able to claim $1.50 for a probiotic drink for the kids.  I also answered the questions on a couple surveys for this week and earned a tiny bit for those. These apps can be hit or miss, but I keep checking back, there will be something that lines up well with the budget and our preferences more often than not.

**Total earned from apps $1.50**

The Grand Total:

Drum roll if you please….

Total savings of $78.32!

Never scoff at those small savings here and there, they really do add up.  That’s $78 we didn’t give away to someone else.  Just supposed that you were able to save that amount every week for a month, that would be $391.60 in savings just this month alone!

If you were able to save $391 in groceries a month for a year, that would be a total of $4, 692!!  You guys, that is the cost of a plane ticket to somewhere that does not have snow in March!  I want to help, and I am offering coaching sessions locally.  If you are interested email me

I want to help so…

I am now offering personalized grocery shopping coaching sessions locally.  If you are as overwhelmed by making big changes as I was and you just want someone to show you how, I am willing to jump in and do a complete pre-shop prep, and grocery shop with you. In these sessions I will be teaching you all of the strategies I use to save us money. If you are interested in this please shoot me off an email to and I can send you more information about the cost and available time slots.  I will be offering only 10 sessions in March so grab your spot before they are gone!

Also as a side note, I realized the picture didn’t show all the produce very well until after I put all the groceries away.  So in case you were wondering, we got a huge cabbage,  6 pack of peppers, a 2lb bag of carrots, bananas, strawberries, tons of grapes, blackberries, 3 lbs of apples and broccoli.  You know, just in case you were thinking that we only ate completely processed food… 

How much do you allow in your grocery budget each month.  Let me know in the comments below!


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