Plan of Attack for Momentum Month

We are getting started with Momentum Month over here at Motherhood and Money, and if we are going to dive into the most intense month of our finances we have seen yet, we need a plan.   This post is all about how I plan to make extra income this month. Hopefully by reading through some of the things we are doing, you might get some ideas on how you can boost your income this month too.

The Plan of Attack:

Pick up More shifts

I am a nurse, and my license was up for renewal.  It cost us nearly $600, so I will need to work at least three shifts to pay that back.

I have already checked in, and nothing was available when I had daycare, BUT there is a lot of month left so I will keep my eyes open.

Sell, Sell Sell
  1. Set up an eBay account.  We have a ton of old electronics and camera equipment we don’t use, and I have been slowly setting those items aside. The goal this month is to get them out of the house, and make a little money while doing it.
  2. Sell extras in local buy/sell groups.  I have been slowly going through periods where we purge a good deal of things out of the house.  There are a ton of DVDs, CD’s, and some old sewing projects I would like to see gone.  It would be an extra delight if they also brought in some dolla dolla bills yo!
File our tax returns

We will not be wasting any time waiting to submit our tax return this year.  I have everything submitted already, and now it is just a waiting game to see what our return amount is.  I am desperately hoping that this will be a massive amount – fingers crossed for more than $4000!

Cut our restaurant budget

*sob*  This one pains me, but its for a good cause, and I will live.  So our grocery budget is getting cut in half for one month.   I did leave us a little bit of wiggle room, because take out coffee is a sanity saver for me some days.  I wanted to leave us with the option of a coffee here and there.

Cut out a grocery shop by using cash back apps

I will be using the money that I have coming to me from Ebates, Caddle, and PC optimum points to replace a grocery shop completely.  I have $150 in points “cash” which will mean I have one less grocery shop that I need to take out money for.

Read more about the apps I use here.

Cut back our grocery budget to $120/week.

For March only we are reducing our grocery budget to $120/week.  What this means is that by the end of the month we will have saved an additional $150.  Yahoo!

Launch coaching sessions

I have been asked by a few people if I would take them out grocery shopping to share my process for shopping and how I save.  I decided that this was a good opportunity for me to share what I have learned, but to also make a bit of money on the side.  The advantage is that it would be very manageable to work around my kids and their schedules.

So one of the things that I will be doing will be putting together a coaching package, and seeing how many sessions I can run in March. My goal is to offer at least five sessions with two participants each session.  More on that later 😉

How are those things adding up?

I plan to come back to this chart at the end of the month, and see we made out.  I’ve still got some work to do because I would like to see that number closer to $1600.

Momentum Source Goal Amount Actual Amount Completed
Ebay $200
Local Buy/sell groups $150
Cut Restaurant budget $60
Use cash back programs $150
Cutting grocery budget $120/wk $150
Coaching Sessions $500
Filing Taxes $4000 (I hope) submitted
Pick up nursing shifts ?
Total $1,210 0

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What are some of the craziest ways you have brought in extra income?  Tell me about in the comments below.


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