How To Make Sunday a Day of Rest, Practical Tips For Moms

I recently posted an article I wrote about the many changes we have made in our life since my husband came home with a concussion three and a half years ago (read it here). In it, I talk about one of the most pivotal things I have done while recovering from a significant burnout, and that is turning Sunday back …

How to plan a birthday party on a budget (for kids)

My son’s birthday is coming up, and I have been thinking about ways that I could do his birthday on a budget. We managed to find cheap activities last year, and even allowing him to invite some of his friends as well as his cousins, we spent less than $150 total including his present.

Road Trip Survival Guide, Tips to Stay Sane, Hacks, and More!

If there is anything us Canadians know how to do well, it would be taking LONG road trips. Now that we have kids, this looks a little bit different, but I have so much information to share with you, not only on how to keep the little’s entertained, but also how to best prepare to save you money as well. …

How to prepare to go back to work after a baby in Canada

I just completed my last article, about how to financially prepare to take your maternity leave in Canada (see it here), so on the flip side, I wanted to address going back to work when its over. It is possible to have both parents working, and to have your finances go backwards, believe me, we are proof.